About Bale Capampangan

Savory, sumptuos and original CAPAMPANGAN FOOD only for less!
At Bale Capampangan, food enthusiasts can now enjoy a variety of cuisine at only Php 295 per head with our eat-all-you-can open buffet. The price even gets lower at dinner time with only Php 225 per head! You can avail of 30 different tasty dishes served in warming delight and shape.

The open buffet is presented in uniquely designed jars. The jars, although made in clay, were styled with a twist of modern burners inside to serve as individual warmers for the buffet.

Aside from these one-of-a-kind jars, lights and other interior design at BALE CAPAMPANGAN are all handmade.

The owner is proud of BALE CAPAMPANGAN ‘s advocacy to promote capampangan culture. ” We often hear customers yelp when going to the comfort room, especially the non-Capampangans because they usually enter the wrong room” owner said while laughing. This is because the comfort rooms of BALE CAPAMPANGAN were labeled “Masanting” (for the male) and “Malagu” (for female). There are no sub-label on the titles so the non-Capampangans get confused ” We want them to ask and learn the words for themselves so we can propagate the Capampangan language. So we say always say masanting means handsome and malagu means beautiful.

Savory, sumptuos and original CAPAMPANGAN FOOD only for less!


Savory, sumptuos and original CAPAMPANGAN FOOD only for less!


Super Mocha | Rum Cake | Moist Chocolate
Cupcakes | Pandan Cake


Crablets | Seafood Pasta | Sushi |Tugak
Adobong Balut | Adobong Pusit | Ampalaya Salad
Bistek Damulag | Camaron Rebosado |Crispy Pata
Gambas Kinano | Kare-Kare | And More



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